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Change Management

Companies and organizations face today countless challenges that require changes to their organizational structures.

BDO offers dedicated professional and proactive services to its clients, with innovative technologies and human resources in assessing change and in supporting the change processes.

Management of Change Process

In change processes human relationships are subject to stresses and constraints that may jeopardize the smooth progress of the projects, that must be planned and managed in a safe, efficient and flexible way.

Change Process

Regardig the organizational change, BDO’s approach requires a set of technical actions that comprise of:

  • Diagnosis - Success Stories / Problems
  • Planning - Goals / Solutions / Action Plans
  • Implementation / Monitoring – Follow up
  • Evaluation - Results

For the success of the actions in this methodology it is fundamental to:

  • Form a monitoring committee with strong dynamics
  • Establish a collective sense of urgency
  • Create and communicate the vision of change
  • Involve employees in pursuit of this vision
  • Disclose the potential short-term gains

Change Assessment

To determine the effectiveness of change it’s necessary to define indicators for periodic evaluations by independent external entities.

In this context, BDO works with companies and organizations applying integrated change assessment methodologies at the following levels:

  • Familiarization with the change processes - History; Policies; Skills; Organizational culture
  • Assessment Areas - Business Strategy; Human Resources; Risk Management; Information systems
  • Evaluation of the change process outcome- Description of the situation before the change; Enumeration of the change goals; Analysis of the situation in face of the goals; Conclusions and Recommendations