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Human Resources

In the Age of Knowledge and Globalization in which we live, the competitiveness of organizations requires a permanent access to an effective human capital. BDO helps its clients to design, plan, assess and value that fundamental human capital.

The fickleness of economies and the speed of change in the business world require companies to rethink their human resources in order to overcome the competition.

The paradigms companies face have shifted from the Stability in enterprises to the Permanent Change; from the College degree to the Continous Training; from the Salary driven motivation to Competence and Professionalism.

The planning of human capital aligned with the mission, values ​​and strategic objectives of companies and organizations is a key factor to compete in a world of low prices and constant innovation.

Our Reference for Skills Management

We provide technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis and planning of human resources
  • Design and implementation of integrated models of human resources management (centered on the definition of skills profiles)
  • Recruitment and selection (profile, research, interviews, selection tests, final evaluation), design and implementation of performance assessment systems and their connection with the career plans and rewards
  • Definition of career plans, salaries, benefits and bonuses
  • Design and development of specialized training activities, addressing the specific needs of organizations