• Advisory Services



BDO, in close cooperation with its Clients, designs, programs and implements strategic plans to promote change, increase competitiveness and create new ways to add value.

To this purpose, we have dedicated professionals who help management to leverage business in a solid and lasting fashion, thus improving the image and effectiveness of the companies in their markets.

Strategy Fundamentals

Our method comprises of:

  • Adapting companies to increasingly globalized markets
  • Providing the tools required for change to the client management
  • Overcoming the challenges of competitiveness and productivity
  • Enabling the adoption of new technologies to create innovative and high quality products and services
  • Sustaining growth with the combination of the various company policies
  • Systematically evaluating the results of management and adjusting the goals

Business and Sector Strategy

BDO methodology unfolds in three major steps:

  • Strategic Diagnosis - Porter model
  • Strategic Development Plan - Development Scenarios; Strategic Axes; Goals and objectives; Action plans
  • Implementation - Balanced Scorecard: Implementation; monitoring

Balanced Scorecard

Strategy Implementation and Monitoring tool based on four pillars, focused on Vision and Strategy:

  • Finance
  • Client
  • Internal Activity Processes
  • Learning and Growth

Municipal Consulting

The new Local Finance Law requires that the development or redesign processes of the Strategic Plan for each municipality constitutes a defining moment in the programming of revenue maximization and cost rationalization with any aid conceded through UE Frameworks. BDO has consultants who are specialized in supporting municipalities and local authorities to comply with the requirements that its growing responsibilities and competencies oblige.

Performance Reviews

In this context, BDO works with companies and organizations to achieve significant savings and high levels of productivity without affecting the effectiveness or commitments with third parties, especially with customers.

BDO’s experience reveals that the effective cost reduction, as a response to unfavorable economic contexts or internal inefficiencies, should be understood as a set of broad initiatives, aimed at maximizing operational performance.