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Computer Solutions

BDO offers a specialized service in consultancy, development, training and support of ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning.

BDO has specialized consultants in the implementation of information systems through specific methodologies, ensuring the requirements of development of additional software in order to adapt to business needs solutions and their integration with other systems in operation in the organization.

We develop the appropriate solution to promote and add value to the business of our customers and to respond to all their management processes, regardless of their area of ​​activity, business model, market performance, legal and tax environment.

We offer a global service - Diagnosis, Planning, Analysis, Counseling, Solution Design, Implementation and Support - High quality with close monitoring and reliable, able to boost your productivity, ensure maximum return on investment and reduce costs maintenance.

BDO Consulting Lda, is certified by ISO 9001/2008 in terms of Quality System.

Intervention Areas

BDO is your global partner to monitor their IT projects, from the stage of study and diagnosis, to operation and maintenance.

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  • Diagnostic and Counseling
  • Project Management
  • Consulting to Business Processes
  • Project Implementation
  • Developments and Integration
  • Support and Maintenance