• Privacy Statement - Candidates

Privacy Statement - Candidates


Collection of Personal Data

BDO may collect personal data using a variety of sources, including the information we request from you when applying for a job and the information we collect from other sources allowed by law, namely sources through which your data was made public by you (for example, from LinkedIn or other social networks).

In order to comply with all obligations, the processing of personal data is needed in order to be able to assess the information provided and its suitability for the job requirements that we intend to fill.

The lack of this information may prevent or delay the fulfillment of these obligations.


Personal data that we request

The categories of personal data we may request from you include:

  • Identification data (e.g. name, date of birth);
  • Contacts (e.g. address, phone, e-mail); and
  • Educational qualifications, professional career and other data related to your job application (e.g. Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter).

BDO does not collect sensitive personal data from candidates (relating, for example, to the candidate's health, philosophical or political beliefs, party or union affiliation, religious faith, private life and racial or ethnic origin). However, if BDO has access to that type of data due to the candadate´s submission, it will be considered provided, for all legal purposes, his express consent for BDO to process it.


How we use your personal data and what are the legal bases

We use your personal data as a result of your spontaneous application and / or a job vacancy at BDO to:

  • comply with our obligations in connection with entering into an employment contract;
  • exercise our rights under your employment contract;
  • respond to questions and requests you may ask us; and
  • keep our records correct and up to date.


Your rights regarding your personal data

Your personal data will be kept by BDO until a job is filled, until you exercise your right to erase it or when it is considered out of date by our Human Resources department (maximum 2 years).

During the period of data retention, we appreciate that you inform us of any changes in the information we have about you, so that we have the correct and current information in our systems.

You can access your personal data through a request made for that purpose addressed to the following contact: [email protected]


Privacy of minors under 13

It is neither our policy nor BDO's intention to collect and intentionally process personal data from minors. However, as part of the recruitment procedure, we may process personal data for members of your family, including those under the age of 13.

When we do, we will comply with data protection laws applicable to minors.



30th September 2020 version