Investments and Financing

Investments supported by technical analyses that provide adequate financing

Our typical clients in this area are ambitious companies with growth projects and financing entities, both operational and financial. We provide services of:

  • Business plans and feasibility
  • Independent business review
  • Attracting Financing
  • Incentive systems
  • Financial Modeling

Business and viability plans

Investments in new businesses must be preceded by a detailed business plan and a feasibility study. One of the objectives is to evaluate the profitability of investments, analyzing the potential attractiveness of the business and the underlying risks, as a support for the investment decision of the promoter and financiers.

The growing complexity of business makes it imperative to have a business plan that substantiates strategic options and takes into account the various plausible scenarios. BDO can advise on defining these strategic options and preparing the business plan.

Independent business review

Increasingly, financiers request Independt Business Review (IBR) to support their decisions, especially , especially in a context of large investments.

An IBR comprises the review of the business plan provided by the company. The IBR aims to present the company's real situation, its historical behavior and, mainly, its future prospects, concluding on the conditions of its viability and its ability to meet debt service.

Our independent review consists of verifying the robustness of the assumptions made, identifying potential risks and analyzing alternative scenarios taking into account the variables of greatest uncertainty. Our analysis is typically deeper than a bank could do, provides an independent perspective and presents sensitivity scenarios.

Financing Collection

In the financing process, we assist in identifying and selecting the forms of financing that best suit the characteristics of the investment, in terms of term, cost and responsibility. In fact, the form of raising capital can involve typical bank financing, which is already more complex with the evolution of markets, private equity, venture capital, among others. Associated with the form of financing are also risk coverage mechanisms, which in some projects are a relevant component.

We can advise on negotiations with financiers, demonstrating the potential of the investment and getting them interested in the project, always with the aim of ensuring adequate financing at the lowest cost.

Incentive Systems

We have extensive experience in incentive systems, handling all the requirements for an application for this type of support. See here. 

Financial Modeling

Our financial models are used as a critical tool for obtaining financing and evaluating the impact of strategic choices on your business. We work with companies, banks and investment funds to design and build innovative and personalized financial models, across a variety of industries and sectors, bringing together expert knowledge of different operational and capital structure metrics, as well as International Accounting Standards. We also work with these entities to review financial models built by third parties.

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