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    Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A specialists work to maximize the value for our clients through careful management of the process and ensuring a strict confidentiality.

We identify strategic targets, both potential buyers or potential acquisition targets, and we promote the contacts interesting them in the transaction. We manage the various stages of the negotiation until transaction closing.

BDO, through its global network, entirely advises you in the transaction process, including sale, merger, acquisition, strategic alliances, MBOs, LBOs and joint ventures.

With offices around the world, we always have someone on the ground where the transaction takes place, working with a global knowledge but combining with the local market conditions, ensuring an approach and a solution that meets your goals.

Buying Process

  • Target Companies Identification
    We are proactive in identifying target companies, using our local contacts and the international network of BDO.
  • Approach the Target Companies
    We act ensuring the contact in the appropriate manner and managing the required confidentiality.
  • Valuation
    We support on the definition of the transaction reference value.
  • Support for Negotiation
    We suggest the business strategy towards the interest of our client.
  • Due Diligence
    Through a team of experts, we carry out the due diligence, analyzing the risks in a context of business continuity and change of shareholder structure.
  • Completion of Negotiations
    We perform the required assistance to conclude the negotiations and to establish the final agreements. We also advise in the structure of the transaction.
  • Post-Transaction
    We support our clients in the implementation of integration plans and their monitoring.

Sales Process

  • Company Profile
    We draft a teaser outlining the Company's profile and describing the essence of the activity and the reasons for its sale.
  • Identify Potential Buyers
    We are proactive in identifying potential buyers, using local contacts and the international network of BDO.
  • Valuation
    We valuate the business to be divested, which will be used as transaction reference value.
  • Preparation of Documentation
    We support in the preparation of information to be provided in the various stops and in the definition of the agreements to formalize. It may include reporting vendor due diligence and data room organization.
  • Contact with potential buyers
    We manage the process to ensure a balance between the information provided and the interest shown by the potential buyer.
  • Negotiation
    We support the negotiations to maximize the sale value and the impact to the current shareholders.
  • Post-Transaction
    We support the implementation of restructuring plans after the sale of part of the business.