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    Valuations, Investments and Financing

Valuations, Investments and Financing

Our typical client in this area are ambitious companies with projects to growth and funding entities, both operational or financial. We provide services of:

  • Valuation of companies, businesses and assets
  • Business Plans
  • Raising Finance
  • Incentive Scheme
  • Financial Modelling


Valuations may involve numbers, but the numbers are just a small part of the equation. We know that the real challenge is to achieve a value, based on technical principles, with which all parties agree.

Our valuation services include companies valuation, business valuation, intangible assets and intellectual property valuation, whatever the typical objective of the valuation:

  • Determine and support the transaction reference value
  • Justify the acquisition value of a transaction between related parties
  • Determine the fair value for accounting purposes
  • Impairment test of assets
  • Purchase price allocation considering intangible assets and goodwill
  • Support strategic decisions
  • Sustain expert reports

Business Plans

Investments in new businesses must be preceded by a detailed business plan and a feasibility study. One of the objectives is to conclude about the investment profitability, analyzing the potential attractiveness of the business and the underlying risks, to support the investment decision, of promoters and financers.

The growing complexity of business imperatively requires a business plan, comprising strategic options and the various plausible scenarios. BDO can assist in defining these strategic options and in preparing the business plan.

Raising Finance

In the funding process we advise in the identification and selection of the financing conditions that best fit the characteristics of the investment in terms of time, cost and responsibility. In fact, the type of financing can range from the typical bank financing, in itself more complex with the development of markets, to private equity, venture capital, among others. Associated to financing are also the hedging mechanisms, which in some projects are an important component.

We can assist you negotiating with financial entities, demonstrating the potential of the investment and interesting them in the project, always with the aim of ensuring the appopriate funding and at the lowest cost.

Incentive Scheme

We have a wide experience in incentive schemes, leading all requirements to an application for this type of finance.

Financial Modelling

Our financial models are used as a critical tool for raising finance and assessing the impact of strategic choices upon your business. We work with companies, banks and investment funds to design and construct innovative and bespoke financial models across a range of industries and sectors, and bring together expert knowledge of the different operational and capital structure as well as International Accounting Standards. We also work with these entities in the review of financial models constructed by third parties.