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    Systems and Solutions

Systems and Solutions

The Importance of Information Systems

Nowadays Information systems (are presented as real communication networks of companies and organizations, based in software solutions. A IS properly adjusted to business enterprises allows real-time decision making and the maximizations of competitiveness indicators. BDO’s knowledge of various computer products suppliers allows us to evaluate and recommend the best suited solutions for the needs of organizations that increasingly seek our support.

The Importance of Cost Systems

Costs systems adopted by BDO enable the collection of management information and the supply of forecasts related with processes, activities and product lines performances.

The Importance of Fixed Assets Management

BDO fixed asset management systems aim at the management of information on the assets of companies and other organizations, through the implementation of appropriate internal control procedures for the safeguard the assets.

Information Systems Management

BDO’s Intervention methodology:

  • Design of information systems
  • Implementation comprising of:
    • Requirements analysis
    • Inputs/Outputs Identification
    • Reporting model design
    • System specifications
    • Other computer systems integration

Predictable Results

  • Maximizing return on investment
  • Risk control
  • Information adjusted to decision-making
  • Effective internal control system
  • Activity monitoring

Computer Solutions

In this area our intervention comprises of:

  • Consulting - checkup; audit; project (implementation)
  • Technical Services - data migration; Additional developments (routines, utilities and maps); technical assistance / client monitoring
  • Express Services - technical assistance and rapid implementation services of the management system solutions

Cost Systems

ABC Costing Systems (Activity Based Costing)

  • Design of costing systems, with the premise that activities consume resources and products use activities
  • Building of activities, organizational units and products matrix
  • Identification of the cost elements of each activity or standards setting
  • Design and implementation of the system

Audit of Costing System

  • Evaluation of the technical reliability of the system
  • Evaluations of cost definition and allocation methodology
  • Evaluation of procedures and data security reliability

Fixed Assets Management System

In this context, our services include:

  • Assets Inventory
  • Asset valuation
  • Informations system registration of Assets
  • Accounting reconciliations
  • Redesign of fixed asset management procedures
  • Design  of Fixed asset management manual