Organizations have supported their development in information sharing in which criteria such as security, ease of access, speed and resilience are competitive factors.

At the same time, sharing information represents one of the biggest causes of operation failure and one of its most impacting risks.

BDO Portugal believes in a free, reliable and safe cyberspace through the promotion of continuous improvement of cybersecurity. We have established a protocol with the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS) based on knowledge sharing and joint awareness actions.

BDO delivers services that can help organizations, namely:

CyberSecurity (CST)

Develop and implement cybersecurity architectures and structures adapted to the needs of the organization's business and operation. It covers controls, tools, access privileges, data protection, alert and response to cybersecurity incidents.

Information Security (IST)

Ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability pillars through information technology governance models based on best market practices. Implement good holistic and structured information security practices.

Incident and Response Management (IRM)

Develop and test of incident response plans, aiming to minimize the impact of a successful attack. Rapid response to incidents, including cause identification, mitigation or remediation.

Vulnerability Management (VST)

Characterize vulnerabilities of digital assets considering potential impacts, risks and protection costs. Generate decision support information.