Bruno Moreira Fernandes

Bruno Moreira Fernandes

Manager / Assurance Services

Executive summary

Bruno is the Assurance Services Manager, at the Porto office.

With around 20 years at the firm, he has been a chartered accountant since 2016. Large experience in the capital markets, particularly in the venture capital sector (venture capital companies and funds) and in real estate investment funds. Relevant experience both in international work in an IFRS environment and in the public sector, with an emphasis on the area of ​​health, local authorities and education.

He is responsible for auditing venture capital companies and various venture capital funds and real estate investment funds.

Coordinates international reporting work in an IFRS environment. Responsible for various audits in the areas of health, local authorities and higher education.

He has a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. and Member of the Order of Official Auditors (OROC).