João Melo Oliveira

João Melo Oliveira

Partner | Independence Champion

Executive summary

João is a Partner at the Audit & Assurance Service Line. He is the Independence Champion of BDO Portugal.

He has auditing experience in large and medium-sized companies from different sectors of activity, in Portugal, Cape Verde and Mozambique, namely banks, investment funds, municipalities and public companies, real estate companies, shipping, construction, tourism, software, etc.

He published technical articles in opinion and specialty newspapers.

He was a trainer in the areas of auditing and accounting for various entities and professional bodies.

He was Director of Budget Control and Operations EXPO 98 and Army Officer from 1983 to 1988.

He has a pre-Bologna degree in Business Organization and Management from the Technical University of Lisbon - Instituto Superior de Economia (ISEG). He has been an Official Accountant – ROC, since 1994 and a Certified Accountant since 1988. belonging to both Professional Orders.

He is a Manager and Judicial Liquidator.