Mário Silvestre Neto

Mário Silvestre Neto

Partner | IT Responsable



Mário is a Partner in the Lisbon office. In addition to his functions as responsible for the IT area, which includes the areas of IS Audit (Computer Audit), technological risk, cybersecurity, business software solutions, digital transformation and managed services, he also maintains functions as an Audit Partner.

With 31 years with the firm, he is currently the Partner responsible for the technology area. He has been a chartered accountant since 2005. Experience in technology-based work in the area of ​​risk and cybersecurity, digital transformation, implementation and support of ERPs and managed services. Deep experience in international audit work in an IFRS environment in various sectors of activity, with emphasis on the automotive sector, construction, real estate management and development, information technologies and health. Extensive experience in the non-profit sector, with an emphasis on education.

Coordinates cybersecurity work, technological risk and implementation, support and development of Primavera ERP solutions (public and private sector). Responsible for work in the area of ​​digital transformation, process automation and services managed in the technological area (IT support for customers, management of on-prem, hybrid and cloud infrastructures and helpdesk management). Coordinator of audit work with international reporting in an IFRS environment with an emphasis on entities in the areas of real estate, biotechnology, distribution, information technology, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Responsible for numerous audits in the non-profit sector, especially in religious and non-religious entities in the area of ​​education and social assistance. Coordination of audit work for Securities and Real Estate Investment Funds.

He has a degree in Management from the Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE) and is a Member of the Order of Chartered Accountants (OROC).