Pedro Alexandre Nunes

Pedro Alexandre Nunes

Manager | Assurance Services

Executive summary


Pedro is an Audit Manager in the Lisbon office.

With over 18 years at the firm, he has been a chartered accountant since 2019. Deep experience in work related to entities in the real estate sector, public sector and community incentives, and also in the venture capital sector.

Coordinates and executes audits in small, medium and large entities, including, among others, Public Sector entities (public institutions and public business companies), Services, Industry, Non-Profit Sector and Multinationals. Carrying out various Due-Diligence works.

He has a degree in Auditing from the Higher Institute of Accounting and Administration of Lisbon (ISCAL).

He is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants (OROC) and the Order of Certified Accountants (OCC).