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    Corporate Taxation

Corporate Taxation

Recurring Tax Advisory

We support our customers in the day-to-day, namely the taxation of its current and respective accessory obligations operations through a proactive stance identification contingencies, solutions and opportunities.

Tax Returns Review

We ensure that companies adopt the correct procedures in filling tax declarations, avoiding future liquidations, and maximizing the use of tax incentives in force.

Review Procedures

The work of revision procedures is essential to evaluate whether certain procedures adopted are in line with applicable law, allowing, if applicable, their timely correction. In this connection, we support our clients in the preparation of requests binding information, whenever deemed necessary.

Conducting Preventive Tax Audits

An audit of operations under the various taxes (IRC, VAT, IS, etc.) to ensure the regulatory compliance of its operations, as well as the possible tax savings.

Monitoring of Tax Inspections

Bad Debts VAT Recovery

We support our customers in the recovery of VAT contained in its credits that are in arrears and prove doubtful, freeing cash flow and reducing the burden associated with credit uncollectible.

Preparation of the Tax File

We organize and validate the tax file in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance No. 1446-C / 2001 and Article 63 of the CIRC.

Prevention, Management and Resolution of Tax Disputes

We support our customers who are involved in tax litigation processes by monitoring and preparation of all necessary documentation (requirements, hearing rights, graceful claims, administrative appeals, etc.) during the administrative procedure. In the judicial phase, we follow the process through partners lawyers of our organization.


We offer our customers customized courses on general or specific nature taxes, which would clarify the tax treatment of transactions and hire experts the following procedure for the formal declaration of the same.