Fraud Investigation & Asset Tracking

Directors and executives are under increasing pressure to mitigate exposure to fraud and corruption risks, which is why prevention and monitoring have gained importance. When faced with signs of fraud or economic crime, quick and reserved action is critical to the success of the investigation. It will also be vital to mitigate effects complementary to the direct loss, such as the reputational impact.

Our multidisciplinary Forensic teams, together with our Client and their legal advisors, evaluate any sign of fraud, establishing and developing an action plan that covers the identification of sources of evidence, the collection and mapping of evidence and information, asset tracking, conducting interviews and forensic financial analyses. The analyzes and conclusions of our work are incorporated into our reports, which, once the acts and their consequences are known, are used by company directors to make decisions and, if so, legal action can be initiated. BDO professionals will defend the expert report before the Court, explaining complex economic facts in a simple way. The quality of this defense is a critical point in satisfying the interests of our Clients.

Our fraud investigation services can include:

  • Investigation of accounting irregularities and financial anomalies
  • Acquisition processes (fraud, corruption and/or conflict of interest)
  • Corruption and bribery investigations
  • Salary processing
  • Violations of employee agreements
  • Employee embezzlement and theft
  • Inappropriate related party transactions
  • Investigations linked to contentious insolvency matters
  • Money laundering
  • Regulatory investigations (including Qualified Person assignments)
  • Asset tracking and recovery (Asset identification, ownership verification, owner relationship mapping and asset type mapping)
  • Loss quantification
  • Expert advice for managers on next steps

Detection and Prevention

We help organizations understand the specific risks relevant to their business and develop best practice procedures and solutions that protect companies against the threat of economic crime. Our services aim to minimize risks, as well as deter and prevent fraud and compliance violations, including:

  • Review and improvement of policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment, testing of controls and correction of significant exposures
  • Training (awareness) on compliance, corruption and fraud.